FAQs about Discover Out Loud & our Mentors:

Q: How does one put his/her name in the hat to become a mentor?
A: Right now the Board of Directors are seeking out people they feel are a good fit. In the near future interested LGBT adults will be able to inquire on our website.

Q: How did you select the age range for the mentor program?
A: The age range for mentees, 16-22 years old, was chosen because we feel this age group is mature enough to take their education and training to the next level.

Q: Why must mentors be LGBT?
A: What Discover Out Loud mentoring is focusing on is connecting LGBT youth with their fellow peers and LGBT adults who can provide insight and a listening ear to the LGBT experiences we all face, and hopefully provide the support and connection to keep working towards their career goals.

Q: How many kids are you expecting to have in your program?
A: For the 2016 start we are expecting to have two youth in each of film, theatre, music, and dance for a total of 8 youth this year. We are building the infrastructure to mentor up to 32 youth per year.

Q: How will you vet the mentors to make sure that inappropriate behavior doesn’t take place?
A: Thank you for asking this question. First, it’s very important to mention that there is no data connecting LGBT adults to higher rates of sexual abuse to youth compared to any other community of adults. The safety of all mentees will always be the highest priority of Arts Out Loud and all potential mentors will have to complete a thorough background check and will be vetted by Arts Out Loud’s staff. All of our mentors receive training and agree to follow our Code of Conduct.