About Arts Out Loud

Arts Out Loud was founded after a life-altering health crisis founder, Jennifer Heastings, experienced in 2014. The day after surgery, feeling like she had been given a second chance at living out her dreams, she wanted to take her new found appreciation for her identity and focus on helping the young people of the LGBTQ community in need of love, support, and guidance.

 Arts Out Loud became an organization that supports and empowers young LGBTQ artists to achieve their artistic goals, as well as their educational aspirations. By providing scholarships and professional mentoring we enable them to become active members of society, further pursue their education, and better the world through their craft.

There are many reasons you find us working with young LGBTQ people. Our board, staff, and volunteers’ own struggles with self-acceptance is at the top of the list. The most important element of the creation of Arts Out Loud is seeing a lack of resources for young artists, as well as the need for a safe, supportive environment.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Jennifer Heastings – President

Allyson Neal

Jami Pasquenelli

Annemarie Schaeffer

Adam Cagle

Our Staff

Jennifer Heastings – Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Who do you help?

Arts Out Loud helps LGBT young adults with artistic and creative aspirations through scholarship, mentoring, and education. Our programs reach the under-served, artistically passionate 16-25-year-old students.

Where do donations go?

100% of donations to Arts Out Loud fund our programs. No operational expenses are paid with your donations. With your donations we are able to provide scholarships young LGBTQ artists, mentoring with top industry professionals, and educational outreach to help young people hone their artistic skills and gain insight into their futures.

What do your programs do?

Arts Out Loud’s programs help our young artists achieve positive outcomes in life. Our programs focus on things like education, guidance, and empowerment to engage young people not only in creating bright futures, but also using their voice for a positive impact on the community.

What makes Arts Out Loud different?

We are completely dedicated to assisting LGBTQ young people to achieve their creative dreams.

+ Our scholarships are for under-served LGBTQ young people that show exemplary talent and commitment to their craft.

+ Our mentors are working professional industry leaders in the arts, as well as strong, LGBTQ identifying individuals.

+ Our educational programs teach young LGBTQ people to use art as a way of expression while teaching them ways to use their voices in the community, create career opportunities, and find a safe space with young people sharing their interests.