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Jennifer Heastings – President

Pierina Morelli

Allyson Neal – Vice President

Jennifer McDonough

Lauren Sisco

Teresa Jusino

Adam Cagle

Who do you help?

Arts Out Loud helps LGBT young adults with artistic and creative aspirations, whether through scholarships, mentoring, or career networking. Our programs reach the under-served, artistically passionate 18-24-year-old students.

Where do donations go?

100% of donations to Arts Out Loud fund our programs. No overhead expenses are ever paid with your donations. These programs directly impact our LGBT young people and with your donations we are able to provide scholarships for aspiring artists, mentoring with top industry professionals, and career networking with leading practitioners of film, music, theatre, and dance.

What do your programs do?

Arts Out Loud’s programs help our young artists achieve positive outcomes in life. Our programs focus on things like education, guidance, and empowerment to engage young people in creating bright futures thus bettering their lives.

What makes Arts Out Loud different?

We are completely dedicated to assisting LGBT young adults to achieve their creative dreams. We are one of few arts focused organization in the U.S. to offer programs for LGBT young adults 18 – 24 years of age.

+ Our scholarships are for LGBT young people that show exemplary talent and commitment to their art and need a little help.

+ Our mentors are working professional industry leaders in film, theatre, music, and dance.

+ Our career networking events expose students to real world education and techniques with actively working industry pros in their respective fields.


Message from Jen

The Beginning…

Arts Out Loud was founded after a life-altering health crisis I experienced in 2014. The day after surgery I felt like I had been given a second chance at living out my dreams. I made a choice that day to make my life mean something more. I didn’t want to leave this planet not having made it better in some way. But I didn’t want to focus on me, so from my hospital bed, I researched how to form a nonprofit organization. We received 501(c)3 status in 2014. I’m most proud of Arts Out Loud, it is by far the largest goal I’ve ever set and achieved!

I’m passionate about education, the arts, and my LGBTQ community and wanted Arts Out Loud to be an organization that supports and empowers young LGBTQ artists to achieve their education goals. By providing scholarships and professional mentors we enable them to become productive members of society and use their education and skills to better the world through their art.

There are many things that nudged me into working with young LGBTQ people. My own struggle with self-acceptance is at the top of the list. Lack of resources for young creators and a supportive environment are key factors as well.

I’m pretty introverted and quiet, so while you may not see me front and center all the time, know that I’m fighting behind the scenes for our LGBTQ young people…ALWAYS.